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Call for Submissions

The Philanthropy and Education SIG promotes academic discourse on the topic of philanthropy and education with an emphasis on exploring the socially responsive and effective giving of individuals, corporations, and foundations within changing contexts. In line with the CIES 2023 theme, the P&E SIG invites individual paper and group panels submissions on research that examines the growing role of philanthropy and how philanthropy might be directed to improve education more equitably including in the context of the expanding role of non-state actors in education. We welcome a broad range of research methodologies and policy analyses that cut across cultural, disciplinary, methodological, and geographical boundaries, including but not limited to: the giving culture, institutional structures, governance, networks, strategic priorities, and the impact on local communities.


Keywords: Sustainable Philanthropy, Effective Giving, Equitable Distribution, Non-state Actors, Blue-washing ​

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